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Digital interactions for Friends of the 
Township of Ocean Historical Museum!

Even though the Township of Ocean Historical Museum is closed and our events are suspended in order to preserve public health during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we remain committed to our mission to bring history to life and explore its relevance. We’ve compiled a number of history-related activities for you to do from the comfort and safety of your own home! Watch this space — we’ll be adding more content regularly.

The Curator's Cabinet The Museum is giving its members a peek into the collection of artifacts that have been donated to us over the years. Each month, Museum Curator Eileen McCormack will select one or more items of interest to be viewed on our website. More.

The Museum's on-line exhibits allow you to see many recent exhibits, without the need to leave home.  Check it out today. More.

Browse the Museum's Digital Collections

Explore digitized photographs, newsletters, and other historical material on our websites:

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We’ll be posting neat items from our collection and exciting history stories on our social media accounts regularly. Make sure you’re following us: